XSeries Battery & Electrical

 Battery Option: Reliance XCell Lithium Battery

The Reliance XCell Lithium Battery was developed exclusively to create the ultimate golf cart ride experience. Through extensive testing and continuous development, we improved the golf cart lithium battery technology and functionality

  • Quick Charge – 6 and a half hours to full charge
  • Drive Longer – Range of up to 45 Miles
  • Hight Output BMS – Makes sure that the battery is performing optimally and efficiently

Compared to lead acid, lithium creates a worry-free experience, letting you spend more time riding your cart and less time maintaining it.

Lasts Longer

Extend the lifetime of your battery by up to 40% when switching to lithium from lead acid. Built for quality, Reliance lithium battery will last up to 10 years

Less Wear and Tear

Due to the reduced weight of the Reliance XCell Lithium Battery, the vehicle experiences less wear and tear on critical engine components, compared to lead acid battery

Zero Maintenance

With Lithium, life is simplified as there’s no need to check for corroded or loose terminals, and to regularly water your lead acid batteries.

Reliance App

The Reliance XCell Lithium Battery App directly links to your battery. Developed with you in mind, it incorporates first class technology to give you a seamless battery experience. Available for both Android and iOS devices, the App comes equipped with multiple features.

105AH Battery Specs

Battery Option: Trojan T-875 8V Flooded Battery

Trojan’s T-875 8V Flooded battery delivers a new class of deep cycle technology. Its outstanding deep cycle capability and versatility makes the T-875 a reference not only for golf cart owners but for use on renewable energy (solar), aerial lifts, scrubber machines and electrical material handling equipments among many other applications.

@25 Amps / 295
@56 Amps / 117

4°F to 113°F (-20°C to +45°C)

5-Hr Rate / 145
10-Hr Rate / 155
20-Hr Rate / 170
100-Hr Rate / 189


Length / 10.27 (261)
Width / 7.10 (180)
Height / 11.14 (283)

63 (29)


Reliance 5kW Brushless AC Motor

• No maintenance & longer life span

• Longer range & run times

• Maximized torque, enabling efficient and energy-saving driving

The MadJax X-Series golf cart features a RELIANCE 5KW brushless AC motor, which offers several benefits compared to traditional motors. One of the main advantages of a brushless motor is that it requires no maintenance, which can save time and money over the lifespan of the motor.

Another advantage of the brushless AC motor is its longer lifespan, which can result in longer range and run times for the golf cart. This can be especially beneficial for those who use their golf carts frequently or for longer periods of time.

The RELIANCE motor also maximizes torque, which enables more efficient and energy-saving driving. This can help to reduce energy consumption and extend the battery life of the golf cart, which can result in lower operating costs over time.

Overall, the RELIANCE 5KW brushless AC motor is a significant advantage of the MadJax X-Series golf cart, providing several benefits including no maintenance, longer lifespan, longer range and run times, and more efficient and energy-saving driving.

400A Reliance Control System

• Provides high output, which means it can deliver more power to the motor

• Faster acceleration and better overall performance

The MadJax X-Series golf cart is equipped with a powerful 400A RELIANCE control system, which provides several benefits compared to traditional control systems.

Firstly, the 400A RELIANCE control system provides high output, which means it can deliver more power to the motor, resulting in faster acceleration and better overall performance.

Additionally, the fast acceleration provided by the 400A RELIANCE control system can be a significant advantage when driving in busy areas, such as neighborhoods or golf courses, where quick maneuverability is important.

Finally, the ultimate driving power provided by the 400A RELIANCE control system can be especially beneficial when driving on hilly terrain or when carrying heavy loads, providing more power and torque to the motor to help tackle any challenge.

Overall, the 400A RELIANCE control system is a powerful feature of the MadJax X-Series golf cart, providing high output, fast acceleration, and ultimate driving power, which can improve overall performance and enhance the driving experience.

Onboard Charger

• Allows you to charge by plugging the golf cart in directly, vs. needing a separate bulky charger

• Energy-efficient, high output

The onboard charger is a convenient feature of the MadJax X-Series golf cart. It allows you to charge the golf cart’s batteries by simply plugging the cart in, without needing a separate bulky charger. This feature is particularly useful for those who don’t have a lot of space to store a separate charger, or who don’t want to hassle with carrying around an extra piece of equipment.

In addition to its convenience, the onboard charger is also energy efficient, with a high output that can quickly charge the batteries. This means you can spend less time waiting for your golf cart to charge and more time enjoying the ride.

High Capacity Voltage Reducer

• Allows you to power multiple additional accessories, including USB ports, extra lights, speakers & more

The high capacity voltage reducer in the MadJax X-Series golf cart is a useful feature for those who want to power additional accessories on their cart. It allows for multiple accessories, such as USB ports, extra lights, speakers, and more, to be connected and powered by the cart’s battery.

The voltage reducer is designed to regulate the power output from the battery to the accessories, ensuring that they receive a stable and consistent power supply. This is important to prevent damage to the accessories and to ensure that they function properly.

The high capacity of the voltage reducer means that it can handle powering multiple accessories at once, without overloading the system or draining the battery too quickly. This allows for greater customization and personalization of the golf cart, as owners can add a variety of accessories to enhance their experience on the course or around town.

Overall, the high capacity voltage reducer is a useful feature that adds versatility and convenience to the MadJax X-Series golf cart.

Clear, Bright LEDs

• Premium, flush-mounted, front & rear LED lights with sleek, black housing and clear lens cover.

• Headlights are equipped with high & low beams and accent running lights.

• Customize Your Colors with RGB3 Technology

• Integrated Brake Lights & Sequential Turn Signal Indicators

The MadJax X-Series golf cart is equipped with premium lighting, including flush-mounted front and rear LED lights with a sleek black housing and clear lens cover. This provides a modern and stylish look while also improving visibility and safety while driving.

The headlights on the X-Series golf cart are equipped with both high and low beams, allowing for better visibility in various lighting conditions. Additionally, accent running lights provide additional visibility and enhance the overall appearance of the golf cart.

Overall, the premium lighting on the MadJax X-Series golf cart is an important feature that improves visibility and safety while driving, while also providing a modern and stylish appearance.