lifted golf carts

MadJax XSeries lifted golf carts come with an optional 3″ lift, providing not just an elevated stance but also the ability to fit larger tires for a more aggressive look. These carts are tailored for those seeking a distinctive style and improved off-road capability. Lifted models are further enhanced with exclusive optional features such as a brush guard and fender flares, which offer additional protection against the elements and rough terrain, ensuring durability and a rugged aesthetic.

Standard golf carts

The non-lifted MadJax XSeries carts maintain a classic golf cart profile with a focus on style and comfort. They lack the lifted suspension but compensate with a sleek design that includes a variety of premium rim choices and plush seating options. These models prioritize a smooth ride and maneuverability, featuring a strong, corrosion-resistant frame and comprehensive LED lighting for safety. The non-lifted carts are designed for those who value a traditional golf cart experience with modern comforts and conveniences.